5 Hand Luggage Hacks For The Travelers

Traveling is a lot of fun when planned and executed properly! Which means that everything from the plan to the tickets, the entire stay, budget and even the packing must be up to the date and according to the terms and conditions of your mood and attitude. We highly recommend having a look at these amazing Thomas Cook voucher codes to save your seats and book your hotels as per your budget but what about the packing hacks? Yes! This piece of content is loaded with the amazing tips that may help you make the process easier and even more comfortable.

1.    Where’s the list?

So, you are going to pack the things directly without having a proper list of what needs to get inside your hand luggage? Sorry! You need to cut that out and start making a complete list of the essentials that you can’t really do without. Set the things according to their priority in your life and make sure you keep the check of the weather of your travel destination so you pack accordingly.

2.    Stay Organized

I myself am a highly organized person and I prefer having a separate pouch for each type of things. Let’s just talk about the basic stuff that anyone of us can’t really do without. Get the separate pouches for the makeup, toiletries (mini soaps, deodorants, shampoos, tissues, and stuff), medicines, documents, etc. My super hack is to categorize the stuff that I need to carry and then place them all in the separate sacks. Trust me, this has not only saved my time on the way but it also has been a savior in case of the lost stuff.

3.    Grab in some Zip locks

The Zip lock bags are the must-haves and you must place at least two of them with you, even if they are empty. Why? When we are in a rush, carrying a lot of luggage, would we care about keeping the things that we took out at their right place in our bag? No. There starts a mess! And there are cent percent chances of missing a lot of stuff that is important. If you feel like running out of time just put anything that you took out in that zipper and assemble all the stuff later when you feel like being available.

4.    Keep sweets and nuts with you

While traveling, either by road or by air we are already going through the phase of being tired and there are a lot of chances of your energy drowning down & you may also end up getting your blood pressure or sugar levels messed up. Before taking out your medicine pouch grab the pack of nuts or sweets and self-medicate yourself first. If it doesn’t heal yourself then you may go a step further otherwise most of the times while traveling things work. Add the citrus-soda powder, protein bar, and glucose sachet to the list as well.

5.    Keep at least one complete dress in your hand carry

Why? Let’s say you end up getting into some trouble and out of nowhere, you get your clothes dirty while the rest of clothes are in the luggage that has already been loaded and you cannot reach it out before you reach the destination. Would you be comfortable in traveling with them dirty ones? No. Right? That’s when the spare pair in your hand luggage helps you from wasting your money on buying new clothes.


If you have your hand carry loaded appropriately, you can travel anywhere stress-free and enjoy the time by saving yourself from getting into the unwanted chaos that is quite obvious because tragedies don’t knock before coming your way. So, make sure you follow the above steps before you pack for the next trip.

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