Experience the true Spanish Charm on Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm, the coastal town of Spain’s Alicante town is pretty small, but it boasts 3000 years of history. The ancient ruins dating back to classic Roman era and medieval times, gives you a glimpse on the glorious past of the region. The impact of Moors reflects in the town, the technique of catching the tuna fish is still in practice on the shores. This Islamic era fishing technique has spread across the Europe now. Benidorm Holidays introduces numerous such interesting tales and best attractions to holidaymakers. Its gorgeous beaches are great holiday spots to soak under the glorious Mediterranean Sun. Further, the water parks, music festivals and shopping complexes create the most vibrant atmosphere, to join the Spanish life. To experience the true Spanish charms, book Cheap Holidays to Benidorm at any point of time in a year.

What to do on Benidorm Holidays? – Explore Best Attractions

There are plenty of attractions and ways to experience the magnificent landscape of Benidorm.  Check out for the best holiday attractions now.


Theme Parks – Terra Mitica and Terra Natura

You will realize dramatic effect of Benidorm Holidays, the moment you land in Terra Mitica. The theme parks with a spectacular backdrop of world’s ancient civilizations create a new world in impressionable minds and adults as well. In addition, the park hosts wonderful shows and rides for kids. Terra Natura is another world where wild life and sea secrets come to the stage. The park houses over 1500 animals which also include many rare species.

Water Parks – Aqua Natura and Aqua Landia

Thrill water adventures, Aqua Natura suits people of all ages. High speed slides, bridges and castles built with water makes your day a lifetime experience. There is a spectacular underwater sea, just dive into play with smart sharks and colorful fishes. Get closer to the marine life in the wonderful Aqualandia water park. It encourages wide range of water based activities that comprise river rapids, water slides and immense swimming pools. On All Inclusive Holidays to Benidorm, ensure that allocate at least one to two days for this activities.

Explore Astonishing Beaches and Dramatic Coves

Fun under the glorious Sun is a never ending story. The pleasant weather further makes your dream lively; you can plan a Holiday to Benidorm anytime in a year. The top beaches are Levante, Poniente and pretty coves.

Top Beaches – Levante and Poniente

Levante and Poniente beaches are top attractions in entire Europe continent. With New York style sky crappers, crystal clear waters and golden sands. Both the beaches create perfect ambiance for thrilling adventures. For a fantastic beach holiday experience, this beach holiday spots are impeccable to discover. With amazing sunshine and some true Spanish food, these destinations will never let you down.

Benidorm Old Town.jpg

Benidorm Old Town

Everyone must be aware of the ultra modern look of Spanish cities Barcelona and Madrid. But, if you want to see the genuine traditional Spain, then the old town of Benidorm is perfect spot to explore. It is exactly located between the gorgeous beaches of Levante and Poniente. The city located on headlands boasts impressive landscape. It comprises narrow alleyways, cobbled streets, white washed buildings and old traditional bars. If you want to enjoy the entire surroundings of town, move to the end. It is the spot exactly where the imposing castle was located, but destroyed during Napoleon wars. In addition, you will find the cannons adjacent to Plaza del Castell, reminding the French – Spanish war conditions. If you want to enjoy the scenic views of beaches and permeating Benidorm Island, it is the great spot to visit.

Culinary Delights in Benidorm

Tapas alley in the Benidorm town to taste Spanish food, apart from Tapas and Paella, you will find the best Patatas Bravas in the region.

Discover the traditional charms of Spain on Benidorm Holidays with Book It Now’s customized holiday offers. For more information call us on +44 203 883 8239.

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