Travelling Survival Tips during Oktoberfest Lederhosen in 2019

Everybody all around the world knows about the famous Oktoberfest. But very few know the different ways of celebrating it. Although there is nothing to be afraid of but the colossal gathering can cause anxiety and panic in many people. But this anxiety can wear off if you have survival tips when travelling to attend the great festival.

Another thing that can help you is the Oktoberfest lederhosen and dirndl which is considered as an essential part of it. As the New Year has started people are already making preparation to attend the festival in 2019. The people who were present last year must have told you many interesting and fascinating stories about it. Some of the exciting but other may be alarming in the sense that you have to be well prepared for the grand celebration.

Why Celebrate Oktoberfest?

This festival marks the celebration of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 12th October 1810.         A grand feast was arranged in the fields outside the city gates called the “Theresienwiese”, named after the crown princess.

This tradition continues on and now it is celebrated traditionally along with other modern touches. The most important part of it is the traditional dress worn by men and women who attend. These costumes are specially designed to match the whole of the gala. Even the foreigners who visit wear the dress to experience the full enthusiasm of the Oktoberfest.

Things to Pack when Travelling for the Oktoberfest:

Like every festival, this one also has a few vital items that are a part of it. But others should not be considered unimportant. So here are a few essential items that you have to pack for the fest like it or not;

  1. As discussed earlier, the dress has lots of significance in the celebration. So you need to pack the dirndl or lederhosen for sale to become a part of it. The dress should be complete not even the smallest detail should be missed out. But be sure to keep ordinary dresses when not at the festival.
  2. The shoes must match the traditional dress. Other comfortable shoes must be worn in the normal days.
  3. There are times when the month of October can get a little cold so don’t forget to pack something to keep you warm like a scarf or jacket. But on sunny days a hat will be enough to keep your face covered.
  4. Many of the hotels and motels provide the customers with shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste but as there are lots of people during the celebrations, it may happen that they become scarce. So have them pack with other things.

Packing for the Oktoberfest can be overwhelming so you may forget to pack many things that are a part of the historical dress. So here an idea, you can always buy the dress either online like Lederhosen Store or visit shops that are dedicated to these dresses.

Surviving Travel Tips Oktoberfest in 2019:

Now you are prepared and all packed up but wait there are certain travel tips for surviving Oktoberfest that you need to read about before you go on that incredible trip. You don’t want yourself to be a laughing stock to the locals there so these points will help you get through;

Perfect Attire:

The dress that you are going to wear must be perfect in all ways. Each and every part of it must be won with precision including the bow that women have to wear. All the details of the dress are important because you want to be blended into the locals.

Visiting Prior to the Opening:

When you are visiting the Oktoberfest for the first time, you must have knowledge of the area where the festival will be held. So go and long walks in the fest area to know where to go and which locations to avoid. But how will you do that? Simply by coming to the city before the main events start. It will be a good option to roam around and become familiar with the landscape.

Show Your Best Behavior:

The locals will become very furious when they observe any cheap behavior. Many people think that they can do anything as no one will notice because they are drunk. But the people there are very much concerned about their reputation and they will not tolerate any misbehavior.

Use Cash Only:

The whole festival majority of the events accept cash from drinks to all other entertainments. So make sure that you have a sufficient amount of money is with you. But there are others who are ready to charge from your credit card also.

Plan the Trip in Advance:

If you want to enjoy the whole of the Oktoberfest without concerns then you must plan the trip from today or at least a month prior to the actual event. The booking of the tickets, hotels and motel rooms and other essentials must be booked in advance.

Oktoberfest Song is Important:

The locals will be delighted when they will hear you sing the Oktoberfest song even when it is not properly pronounced. Just go with the whole tune and rhythm and join in with the others. You can also dance with them on folk tunes. But remember there are separate tents for each part of the festival.

Eat and Drink Carefully:

You surely don’t want to have your digestive system upset during the whole gala or you fainted on the ground. So eat and drink wisely; not too much nor too less. There are many people who drink too much and behave erratically so when you feel the same, give a break and do something else. This will be the best thing to do. As you can see that it is easy to celebrate Oktoberfest when you have the best travelling insight to the Oktoberfest lederhosen and other things to do during the festival.

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